ol_man_river (ol_man_river) wrote in hermit_cave,

Internet forums


 It's what happens when a series of undersexed, anxious, depressed lunatics get broadband access. It's also what happens when the extent of someone's opinion is "your opinion sucks". If you can't conduct yourself in a respectful and respectable manner, then, before logging into your favourite blame forum, attack your electricity mains with a metal-handled axe.

 In other news, George Carlin is dead. That's a mortality coffee pot in the morning, I can tell you. I used to think I'd never get old; it's happening. Holy shit: George Carlin is dead. It's a medical examination that turns into a seventy-five degrees celsius water-and-citric-acid enema. I don't think life will get looked at the same ever again.

 If dimples are evidence of sex during pregnancy, then I'll never look at Kirk Douglas the same way again...

 Sweet, sweet love... how you have kicked me squarely in the scrotum. It's true though: this woman is still magic.
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