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Okay, I'm going all philosophical today...

 as though you give a shit *L*

 Nick Cave is a smart so-and-so.

 I've been trying to work this shit out for ages, and it just doesn't make sense. God intervenes on behalf of people who love Him dearly, so I'm led to believe. The question remains, though, is He selective? How does He know the minds of every person on the planet? If I'm expected to accept omnipotence, then why the fuck do women and children still get murdered, raped and abused? Surely if God can intervene for the good of others, he can intervene to stop an injustice... Am I seriously expected to accept that God can help anybody provided that they need it, but if the person who needs it happens to be a murder victim or an abused child, then they just have to sit on a tack and bear it? If it's God's will, that people who deserve death live, and that people who deserve life die, then I'll happily agree with the Cradle Of Filth t-shirt. George Carlin was right: it doesn't sound like divine planning, it sounds like human planning. This bullshit about being interventionist and benevolent is a crock of shit.

 Actually, it does make sense. It makes perfect sense to brainwash a bunch of nitwits into thinking that there's a reason as to why everything happens a certain way, just to make people feel like there's a benefit to existing...

 It's misanthrope Sunday... :)

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