ol_man_river (ol_man_river) wrote in hermit_cave,

Overbearing people

It's called transference. I'm overbearing, in an online sense - in person, usually quite reserved. I bullshitted myself for a long time, thinking that I just meant well. Nah.Normally though, I'm a bit like a wombat. Slow, cumbersome, and difficult to rouse. I'm pretty tired.Oh, by the way - all that stuff about loving said woman for the remainder of my life, even if unrequited... I was bullshitting. She was a drama queen, and an attention seeker - when the drugs and alcohol run out, you usually see the true face of a person - and their saggy appendages.

 I'm also not an old man, but I gathered anyone who is bored enough to read this shit already knew that.What the fuck am I talking about? Overbearing people, of course. The kind that like to make problems, just so they feel as though they're alive.Oh, and one more thing for those that are governed by the desire for money and possessions - when you're dead, it won't mean a fucking thing. You'll just be a rotting corpse in the ground.

 Good to know, isn't it.
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