ol_man_river (ol_man_river) wrote in hermit_cave,

Well, it's plainly obvious that I've done it now....

Here's a hint for all you folks who have online friends: they're not real friends.

 I've been talking on and off with a young woman from just up the road from me [which, in Australia, translates to hundreds of kilometres away] and I really detested the experiences. Not only does this person only talk to me when circumstances suit them alone, but also ditches out once they get what they want, which is usually low-grade cyber sex. Who would have thought that women would act selfishly, just like men do? It's hilarious to note how often women bag men for being shallow and crass, but the reality is that women are just as self-serving and petty as the rest of us. What kind of disingenuous cunt goes out of her way to expect something of you, and, when the time comes to reciprocate, to fuck off promptly? I'll tell you who:a fat, snide little hairdressing cuntface from nowheresville in New South Wales.

 Every person I've come into contact with on the internet is a self-serving, gutter-crawling cunt.
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