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And now for something completely the same

If you've ever sat down and thought about why people in the world are so self-interested, then you're probably a bit like me: a whiner with too much time on your hands.

 Irregardless, [and yes, I used that word on purpose because I really loved the YouTube video "What if chat rooms were real?"] there's something to be said for the way we vote. No, it isn't election time, but I hear that K-Rudd [which is my variant of K-Rool, except with more earwax tasting] is going to call an early election, just so's the Labor Party can have a snowball's chance in hell in presiding over an economic period that actually has growth. It'll also show if the Labor Party knows any other method than budget deficits; it's as though half the Reimers textbook was used for kindling. In any case, the premise behind voting in our country [which is compulsory, unless you've got a damn good reason: like a life-threatening allergy to graphite pencils, or that you're Taylor Rain's coke dealer, or more plainly, if you're a Jehoviah's Witness [I pray that's how it's spelt; and yes, that's what I claim to be for the purposes of avoiding electoral voting - I wouldn't know the first thing about the faith, but if you start spouting that the Kingdom of Heaven is the ultimate government, and no Earthly gathering should attempt to imitate the reign of our Almighty, they usually fuck right off] is that you have to pick the party that represents the best interests of the nation as a whole: present and future. The inherent problem with this is the notion of self-interest. You simply cannot take the best interests of the country as a whole, because either a) you don't know them, or b) they're not your best interests. Never have I met a rich person that voted for a party that claimed it would "alter the tax system to make it more equitable for the less fortunate", save if the party merely used those grounds for the sole purpose of getting the leader a cosy spot in Kirribilli.

 Anyways, I started rambling somewhere after the start, but the point is, you can't cut out self-interest, because it's inherent to humans. You'll always have self-interested people, politicians, and the country as a whole. Every time we buy with self-interest, vote with it, drive with it, talk with it, act with it, and palm shit off to other people with it, we just ingrain it a little more into our sweet way of life.

 The end and shit.

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