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I used to know a guy, that I considered a friend - he was a devout Christian, but I could still stomach the prick. What I mean is, I could tolerate him for a time [much like many people] but many of his mannerisms became apparent to me, as selfishly inclined and exclusionary.

 One of the things I really used to think was funny about him was, that he would talk about prayer a lot. He would often tell others that he prayed to God for them [myself included]. The implications of what he said were basically this: 

 I believe that by merely thinking something in my head, and closing my eyes with my hands clasped together, that the supreme creator and ruler of the universe will stop what he's doing [presumably opening another packet of Panadeine, to try and rid himself of the prayer junkies in his ear all the time], listen to my request, and consider it genuinely. Despite the fact that there are children who are abused by their parents, wives who are beaten by their husbands, starving children in any number of countries with no clean water to drink either, child prostitutes being controlled, people being trafficked, tortured, genocide, cannibals and rapists all having their daily fun, God is going to focus his attention on me, and my priveliged life, with my unreasonable worries about miniscule things to grant me what I want at every given turn

 Seriously, if God intervenes on behalf of people to their favour in driving tests, school exams, minor injuries and life's little ups and downs, rather than sorting out some of the real problems in the world, then fuck God and everybody who looks up to God.

 Now, there's two schools of thought that I'm aware of about God - one is, that he's an interventionist who ensures that nothing goes wrong with those that hold him dear in their hearts, and the second is the tough love angle: that somehow, the ruler of the universe is going to let people do whatever the fuck they like in the physical world, because you'll be severely punished once you're dead. The first point, where interventionism is the belief, is defunct before their argument has already begun. Things go wrong, crimes go unpunished, people get killed, and people screw others out of money, time and anything else they can get from them. So, interventionism is false on the mere observation of life as it's seen.

 The second is a little more tricky - Wikipedia defines tough love as:

an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run. In most uses, there must be some actual love or feeling of affection behind the harsh or stern treatment to be defined as tough love

If I'm to believe that there's a tough love God out there, then how is God letting your uncle arse-fuck you while your mother is out shopping, "helping you in the long run"? Does tough love extend as far as subjecting women and children to the foulest of crimes imaginable, for the sake of teaching people a lesson? Fuck off, seriously. It's always interesting to note that the most degrading and humiliating of acts that people are put through, are usually suffered by the weakest and the most vulnerable. So if God is administering "tough love", then when he's selecting his harsh or stern treatment, he's got some unusual selection bias in his statistical samples.

 There is no God.
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