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More whining in one night about online people

No-one ever reads this shit, so I don't care. Its value to me is merely therapeutic.

 The interesting thing is, I've already pissed and whinged about this online person. I called her a snide, selfish, hairdressing little cuntface from New South Wales, or something along those lines once. Interestingly, she's from Victoria, and I bumped into her again online.

 Inequity. This is my pet hatred in every aspect of life. If I offer you a courtesy, then offer it back, or something similar, else I'm going to get the shits, and tell you to go and fuck yourself. You can see why I don't have many friends.... two reasons:

 1) People generally aren't reciprocal or decent

 2) People don't like being told to go fuck themselves

 I'm amused that I went through a recent stage of using the word cunt a lot. Most women find the word offensive, but I contend that I was the offensive one to have used it regards a woman I hadn't met. Needless to say, she wouldn't offer me many of the things I'd offer her, and that pissed me off. I think my words were "don't ever write me again, you rude, disingenuous little fucking child". I've never been subtle, either in person, or online to someone who really tries to shit me up the wall.

 Well, for someone who told me to go and fuck myself in return [I liked the fact that she had the balls to say that; in fact, it was a major turnon, but I won't go into that too much] she went a little overboard on the post-we're-not-friends-anymore correspondence, and sent me numerous offline messages, emails and text messages [yes, I'd been stupid enough to give her my phone number]. So after numerous back-and-forths of hurling abuse, I cooled off and was back to my old, reasonable self. She thought, as she did the previous time, that a small handful of cheap compliments was somehow going to appease me into talking to her again. To my great shame, it actually worked.

 So, we'd been talking for a little while again, and whilst on the phone, had the audacity to call me a bitch. I said to her that that wasn't going to happen again, and she recoiled faster than a .303 into my shoulder. So, some time after this, she had the audacity to call my mother a bitch. Now, I have a rhetorical question: is it disrespectful to slap a woman in order to defend another woman? Not that I slapped her, having never met her, but fuck it, I would have. People who offend my mother usually bear the brunt of my wrath, since my mother is the most kind, decent, and strong woman I've ever seen. And for a diminutive woman, she's a fucking Mack truck. So the moral of the story was, don't offend my mother, or I'll fucking kick the shit out of you. What did I get? Not even the rarest semblance of a genuine apology out of her.

 She's probably not aware that I've even closed my accounts, but I'd imagine she'll figure out something's amiss when she finds out my mobile phone is disconnected. I laughed so merrily when that happened - it wasn't planned, but boy was it perfectly timed.

 Adios, Kimmie - it had been a pleasure not meeting you.

 Or should I say..... ciao? *s*
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