ol_man_river (ol_man_river) wrote in hermit_cave,

I just can't help myself

I'll post here once more tonight, then I'll fuck off for the next couple of weeks, or months, or some shit.

 I'm a voyeur, okay? I love cam4 so fucking much. Why, I hear nobody ask? I'm having a rhetorical tree-falling-in-the-woods moment here:

 because it's a means of gaining a buffered contact with women, that ensures I get off, and I don't have to put up with all the fucking bullshit that goes with women

 I'm physically attracted to women, but the mannerisms of nearly all women make me want to strangle small mammals. There, I said it. I've met maybe half a dozen women in my entire life that I could stomach in a social sense, and I probably only would have banged about four of them. The last two, I think their junk might have swallowed me whole.

 As soon as a woman starts prattling, whinging, whining, trying to make changes to me as a person, trying to boss me around, making character judgments on me when she doesn't know me, unfairly judges or slags off other people, whether I know them or not, or just generally struts around like her shit doesn't stink..... I'm fucking gone. Don't want a bar of that shit.

 Here's the deal - I accept you as you are, and you accept me as I am. Don't like it? Then here's another don't for you:

 Don't let the door hit your fat arse on the way out, you disingenuous, two-faced, conniving troll.
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